11 Best Affiliate Management Software For All Businesses

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Anne over the last two years. I have found Anne to be very knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and account management. Anne is also the type of person that follows through and gets the job done. Anne is such a likeable person and works hard at developing relationships.

When it comes to pricing, LeadDyno surprises us by offering the cheapest monthly subscription plans. The best part about these plans is that it offers complete access to the software and allows you to invite and manage unlimited affiliate partners. Having founded in 2016 and with a staff of mere 20 team members, PayKickStart has turned a lot of heads in the digital marketing world. It is truly one of the most flexible shopping cart and affiliate management software.

Thank You Supply Affiliate Program

Post Affiliate Pro is the most established affiliate network software on the market. Affiliate marketing is the most effective and least expensive way boost online presence, achieve higher targeted traffic, and increase sales. In addition to simple guides and how-to posts, you will also learn about the best marketing software that you can use to increase your efficiency. Digital Marketing Tipsy is the complete platform where you’d be able to get the best tips and tricks to grow your business via digital marketing.

With over a decade of affiliate performance data across numerous sectors, Purply leverages the power of data to match you with personalized, top-performing affiliates. If referral links are not functional, your brands lose their potential players, and affiliates do not get their rewards. With Affilka, you can easily upload banners and add landings to your affiliate program settings. You can make them private and assign them to specific affiliates, or make them publicly available to all your partners. Likewise, you can make banners and landings visible to specific affiliate program operators, thus they won’t be able to see any creatives other than those assigned to them. She helps small businesses identify the right software for their needs by analyzing user reviews for top-rated software products.

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All LeadDyno affiliate tracking software plans are month-to-month starting from $49/mo and include a 30-day free trial. FirstPromoter’s affiliate marketing management suite comes with everything you need to create referral programs and it is incredibly easy to set up and use. Affiliate data will help you refine your marketing strategy – collecting concrete and measurable results is key. Tracking affiliates’ sales activity helps you determine whether you’re hitting your revenue goals. Thanks to affiliate management software, you won’t have to manage all the nuts and bolts of your program manually, which isn’t the best use of your time or resources. Marketing software also helps you launch your program faster and customize it to your needs.

Offer extensive tracking and reporting

However, only the Enterprise and Custom plans include Scaleo’s lead management add-on. This feature collects lead information from your landing page, which is passed on to your database of leads. Your affiliates can refer to this for future offers and remarketing. There are many different affiliate management software solutions to choose from.

Beyond that we always found Anne and her team easy to work with and communicate with. Based on our experience I am happy to give Affiliate Management Solutions a high recommendation. She is one of the early affiliate marketing success stories with a reputation for honest and ethical marketing. She has translated those successes into many practical skill sets and opportunities to help others build and grow their affiliate programs and marketing efforts.

The comprehensiveness of their reporting sets Trackdesk apart, giving you greater control over your affiliate program and its optimization. Secondly, with the help of affiliate marketing you can measure your progress and automate your marketing campaigns, optimise your routine tasks and work less on them. Every action of your team members is logged and tracked in the event-tracking section of the back-office. Thus, as a business owner, you are always in the loop on what’s happening within your affiliate program and you have full control over who sees and does what. Your partners are spared the trouble of undergoing a registration and onboarding procedure with every newly added brand.

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Management Software?

Affiliate commission managementTracks each affiliate’s sales numbers and automatically calculates the commission. Despite having some common features, affiliate software and influencer marketing software are two different categories. Understanding the differences between the two software solutions will help you finalize the right product for affiliate management system your marketing needs. LeadDyno is an affiliate management platform that helps you both create and manage your affiliate marketing campaigns. It allows you to accurately track and control your affiliate programs and offers detailed reporting. FirstPromoter is the best cost-effective affiliate marketing platform on the market right now.

They can start promoting any of your brands right away, as soon as these brands are added to the affiliate program. You can customise your affiliate program interface using our Frontend API to tailor it to your business needs. You can offer a wide variety of commission plans to your affiliates, from standard CPA, RevShare and Hybrid deals to your own unique reward algorithms. You can create conditional tiers based on net revenue, deposits count, depositing players count/sum, FTD count, wager amount, subaffiliate earnings, etc. A reward may be a percent of net revenue, a percent of deposits sum, a percent of subaffiliate earnings, wager percent, flat fees, etc. You can now create several managers to work on your affiliate program each with different permission settings.

Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Segment your affiliates.Know which affiliates are top-performing and could be rewarded with extra perks. Make sure affiliates always have a way to reach you with questions/concerns, whether that’s via email, phone, or a feedback form.You want to be open and available to your affiliates. While you don’t have to be on call 24/7, tell them how quickly you will respond so affiliates have clear expectations. Easily communicate with and build strong relationships with your affiliates.

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing managers have a lot on their plate. Between growing their affiliate program and liaising with partners, affiliate managers can often be left wondering where all of their time went by the end of the day. I use these affiliate management software tools to save precious minutes every day. And service providers with an online presence use affiliate management software. Affiliates are individuals or companies that can promote their products or services.

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Make sure that the software is compatible with the payment options you need and the business partners you want to work with. It aggregates KPIs in a set of easy-to-read dashboards, so you have all the necessary information at your disposal to recruit the right affiliates and optimize your programs. You can filter the reports by specific date range, iGaming brand, affiliate manager, affiliate, group of affiliates, commission strategy, campaign, promo, etc.

Due to this, it has been widely opted by businesses that are related to SaaS, digital & physical goods, memberships, and services. One of the greatest characteristics that make Scaleo the best affiliate marketing software is its feature distribution. All three plans offer all the core features and support unlimited link clicks. Speaking about the pricing plans, there are three monthly subscription plans available. Each of these plans grants access to all the essential affiliate tracking features and allows you to add unlimited affiliates.

Best Affiliate Management Software System (Ranked)

This software starts at $39/mo (cloud-hosted) and the self-hosted plan starts at a $199 one-time fee. You can start with a 14-day free trial period before the starter plan of $49/mo. The affiliate system gives you all of the options for recruiting, incentivizing, managing, paying and communicating with your affiliates – all from one integrated system.

  • The number of sub-affiliate tiers you can create within the commissions constructor is unlimited.
  • We believe in global presence to reach out to our customers in any part of world and we are available round the clock to address your queries.
  • Your affiliate partners can earn additionally from affiliates they recruit under themselves.
  • We created P2P to provide free resources to brands that believe in the power of peers to promote their service or products.

A good affiliate solution has fraud-detection tools that can notify you of suspicious activity on your affiliate’s website. For instance, scrupulous affiliates may resort to using bots to raise their click counts. With an anti-fraud detection feature, your software can identify any repeated sign-ups or orders from the same IP location and let you block them. You also don’t have to hire an accountant as the software has built-in features to calculate commissions based on your setting per offer and report your sales earnings. Affiliates get unique tracking IDs and can promote your products on multiple platforms.

Why you shouldn’t use an existing network to manage affiliates

You may also be assessed regularly to see how you’re faring against expectations. Equipping affiliates doesn’t stop with training – continuous affiliate support is essential. This includes being available for affiliates to address any concerns, questions, or challenges they have. It also includes providing any digital marketing assets affiliates can use to promote your product. Another core component of affiliate management is training and development.

Platforms Review

We provide a mix of both observational and actionable data to prepare you for your next move better. Through our affiliate software, you can observe what has worked for others and how to apply that success to your business model. We match businesses and partners together based on mutual benefits. We create full profiles to represent your brand, and we do all the work to find you the best possible fit.

They include tracking for clicks, impressions, promo codes, redirects, and mobile app and web use, among others. The software’s report functionality lets you break down or view your data in more than 30 ways. Available on desktop and mobile, Tune offers real-time tracking and reporting of your affiliate and conversion data. You can set your payout terms and the conditions for approving or rejecting commissions. Merchants can send commissions later via wire transfer or ACH payment. UpPromote is an all-in-one automatic affiliate marketing software solution aimed specifically at Shopify merchants.

Frilly Affiliate Program

It includes some advanced features like 100 affiliate finder credits, custom agreement, custom domain, double-sided incentives, etc. There are three pricing plans with monthly subscriptions and the pricing is built on the number of clicks in a month or traffic. All the plans offer complete access to the software but there are a few perks in higher plans. Pro – Lastly, the plan has a price tag of $199.50/year for 5 sites license. It provides access to advanced features like advanced commission rules, developer tools, 2,000+ integration with Zapier, etc.

OSIAffiliate Top Features

Manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, assign commissions and issue payouts on one platform. Just like any conventional tracking software for affiliate marketers, OSI Affiliate offers referral links to your partners. Furthermore, you also have the flexibility to offer custom codes https://xcritical.com/ to your affiliate and influencer partners. In comparison to other top affiliate marketing tracking softwares, PayKickStart also offers a generous 14 days free trial period. Although, instead of offering complete access to the software in the free trial, PayKickStart free trial access depends on its plan packages.

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